The Adventure Of The Secrets Of Wisdom Begins


Awaken To The Miracle Of You

Enjoy listening to, or singing along with, this peaceful soul song I’ve composed and sung about opening to the miracle of your being, Look Deep In Your Heart Consider it a prayer in song. I invite you to take time to listen to the audio soul song and simultaneously gaze at the full color design “Two Women Celebrate New Adventure.” We All Have Magnificent Potential Beyond Our Dreams.

The Divine spark is within each of us. We have magnificent potential beyond our dreams. It is time to wake up to who we truly are. We can all be magnificent together. There is nothing to fear. We are embraced in God’s love.

The purpose of this book is to step by step in very practical ways help you enhance your positive strengths and joy of life–and support you to move closer to your goals. How can you do this? Believe in yourself! Read and practice applying the techniques and information that inspire you in this book and other excellent sources. Choose a dream worthy of your highest good. Know that you are not alone. Seek out the company of good people so you can encourage each other in beneficial ways. Know that your prayers and higher consciousness can access the support and resources of the Divine. Put your faith in God. 

Eternal Dance  design by Joyce Gerrish

Eternal Dance design by Joyce Gerrish


What Is My Purpose? Why Am I Here On Earth?

We live in extraordinary times. Life on planet Earth is changing and transforming in many ways. As we each lift our heart and soul we have the opportunity to become more than we have thought possible. Within all this change, challenge, and opportunity–many people are wondering, “Why am I here on Earth? What is my purpose?” More and more of us are having intuitive and Spiritual experiences and subtle mystical longings in our hearts. We are all here on Earth together to create something wonderful–the potential is unlimited. Each of us has special qualities that are needed. Destiny is calling us. Together with God we can create miracles in our own lives and help lift those around us. It is possible!

We may have often heard that we use only a small part of our brain potential, and that we have capacities far more advanced than we imagine. The truth is that the brain is like a small physical receiving station for the human consciousness which is immensely vast in its capability. In the Bible it says that humans are created in the image of God. Our consciousness has the capacity to attune to truly magnificent Divine sources of inspiration and awareness. We have wondrous capacities far in advance of the most amazing computer. It might take practice to learn how to activate some of these abilities. Others we already use and enjoy all the time–and perhaps take for granted.

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Each Chapter of Secrets of Wisdom: Awaken To The Miracle Of You contains within Special Divine Qualites. 

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Our Spiritual Connection Can Help Hold Us Steady

There are many interpenetrating levels of our consciousness. Even while we are busy with everyday life responsibilities, with practice we can also simultaneously be conscious on intuitive and Spiritual levels. We are each a physical human being, and at the same time our Higher Self (the higher levels of our consciousness) is one with the Divine. That Spiritual connection can hold us steady when things don’t seem to be going as we may wish. We can keep an uplifted focus, rather than allowing our mind and emotions to be pulled down into depression, anger, fear, or worry. In this way we can make wiser choices for a better life.

To enhance our ability to draw on our higher awareness, it’s very important to learn how to focus and quiet our mind so that it can become like a clear quiet pool in which we can see the peaceful reflection of the sky. That is perhaps why so many of us like to sit by a placid lake in order to help still our minds. When we keep distractions and busy sounds going on around us all the time, it’s hard to hear the “music of the heavenly spheres.” We have a choice. Even short periods of quiet time at intervals throughout the day can help us to stay in touch with the truth of our being.

The Divine Qualities are deeply needed in fuller expression on planet Earth today. It’s of great benefit that we lift our consciousness and pray that the magnificent Divine Qualities of God bless us, our loved ones, and the whole planet. The Bible says, “Ask and you shall receive.” Being open to receive and knowing that we are worthy to receive are a crucial part of receiving.

The adventure of this book is learning how to ever more fully enhance and activate these qualities within yourself. Each chapter focuses on one of these superb qualities and guides you by the hand in stepping more fully into it. Each Divine Quality reveals powerful wisdom when understood at deeper levels.

What is the difference between these Divine Qualities and more typical mainstream perceptions of these words? The meaning of some of these words such as love and power is often distorted in current usage, so this book seeks to help restore them to their more true purer meaning. There is a Spiritual energy that supports each of these Divine Qualities. They are all expressions of the Divine. Seventeen are included in this book, and there are many more. These powerful transformative qualities and some ways they can help us are explored in this book.

Joy. Helps you live with a light heart. Encourages you to engage more frequently in the activities that give you true joy.

Love. Helps nurture you emotionally, and helps you be nurturing for others. Helps deepen the love and caring you share with others.

Forgiveness. Supports you to forgive others–and to forgive yourself. Helps you release the past so you can move forward more freely.

Clarity. Helps you clear your mind for more effective living–and clarify your life focus and purpose. This chapter contains excellent techniques to assist you to do your work more efficiently and with less stress.

Purpose. Leads you to move ahead in your life goals and soul purpose.

Peace. Helps you find peace, or deepen your peace. Helps enhance your peace with others and support world peace.

Power. Helps you have enhanced courage and perseverance. Power is good as long as it is used for the good of all. We can all be powerful together.

Devotion. Helps you to find inspiration and comfort in Spiritual Devotion. Helps you share devoted loving service for others–and realize the heartwarming joy that comes with assisting others in need.

Illumination. Supports your Spiritual growth through enhancing your connection to your Higher Consciousness and the Divine. Learn numerous approaches for beginning to meditate or deepening your meditation practices. Learn about auras and chakras, and practical uncomplicated ways to energize and illumine them.

Healing. Helps you support healing for yourself and for others. Learn “hands on” beginning Hand and Foot Reflexology (which is related to Acupressure) and Zone Energy Healing. Learn very important realistic ways to improve your health through nutrition.

Wisdom. Aids you at times of making decisions (large and small), and in distilling wisdom from your everyday life experiences. Learn ways to increase your intuition.

Harmony. Aids you to stabilize and harmonize your life, and supports harmony in the midst of chaos. Promotes harmony with all aspects of creation through ecological living.

Transformation. Supports you to move forward in becoming your ever more confident authentic true self.

Grace. Supports you in drawing on Spiritual support when challenges seem heavy. This chapter describes Spiritual realms and realities.

Abundance. Enhances your well-being within the material world. Helps support the well-being of all people and all creation through living lightly on the land.

Truth. Aids you to discern the truth of a situation and what is deception or illusion–so you can walk a clearer path through life’s challenges and opportunities. Learn timeless metaphysical truths.

In the study and application of these Divine Qualities you’ll find insights and answers for every question. It’s food for a lifetime of inspired study, prayer, meditation, and action. Explore and understand the secrets of wisdom! Are you ready? Take it at your own pace. If you wish, find one or more friends to join you for this life-enhancing journey. Get together, telephone, or communicate online at regular intervals to share the adventure and support and encouragement. Discuss your feelings, thoughts, and inspirations regarding the questions near the end of each chapter.

You choose the order in which you wish to immerse yourself in each Quality and its chapter unit. Each chapter is created as an experiential multifaceted awakening “seminar” or “workshop.” This is not a book to speed read. Stop and think now and then as you read. Immerse yourself in the unique offerings included with each chapter: inspired ideas, audio soul song for that special quality, audio meditation with affirmations, real life sharings of how each quality has blessed the lives of numerous people just like you, questions to think about and discuss, “how to” action suggestions for enhancing the quality in your life, and inspirational art. Let your heart and mind soar! Enjoy, explore, and really experience the different offerings of each chapter and allow them to reveal their secrets to you!


Each Chapter of Secrets of Wisdom Contains:

Audio Inspirational Soul Song

There is a link in each chapter to an audio inspirational soul song that I composed to help you feel deep connection to that marvelous quality and its energy. They can be listened to free through the website Enjoy spending some time with these. The words to the songs are given near the end of each chapter. Try singing along with them. These soul songs were created as a form of prayer and meditation in music and sound. They are intended to be simple and short so your mind can relax as you sing them numerous times. As you listen or sing, allow yourself to float in them like in a flowing stream and allow them to carry you peacefully. Each song is intended as a healing uplifting experience. Sound can have a powerful effect on one’s consciousness and body, particularly when one focuses on it with the intention of receiving a healing uplifting experience.

Audio Guided Meditations

On the website there are audio meditations for you to listen to. There is a twelve minute “Meditation to Enhance Your Experience of the Divine Qualities.” It can help you open your awareness to the wonderful inspiration and support that’s possible with each specific quality. The meditation starts with a brief guided relaxation. The audio then guides you through soothing breath awareness, then color visualization and special affirmations that are different for each quality. The affirmations and special color are given within each respective chapter for use with that audio. For those who choose not to access the audio meditation, there is a complete transcribed version of the meditation included in each chapter and tailored to the specific Divine Quality of that chapter. I would encourage you to enjoy this twelve minute meditation often (audio or transcribed version). Incorporate the affirmations and helpful color for the quality on which you choose to focus.

I have also included, on the same website, a special 17-minute audio “Guided Relaxation and Healing Visualization Meditation” for you to enjoy when you wish to feel more tranquil. I encourage you to spend some time listening to it, as it will help guide you into a place of peaceful relaxation. People find it quite centering and soothing. For people who may be fairly new to meditation, this would be a particularly good meditation to start with for at least several times or as often as you wish.

There is also included on the website an audio “Meditation to Enhance Spiritual Awakening and Illumination.” It is thirty-four minutes long. I feel that you will find it Spiritually uplifting and consciousness expanding. I suggest that you enjoy this meditation at least once or twice a week. You may wish to alternate it with the other meditation audios. Find what is helpful for you.

Meditation is a powerful way to expand and open your consciousness to new, wonderful, helpful ways to enrich your life. Prayer is also powerful and effective. Each of these qualities that is being focused on in this book is very sacred, and has its own unique special healing energy and contribution for your life. I have been a meditation teacher, counselor, and energy therapist for more than thirty five years and have very extensive experience in these areas.

Please pause here and listen to the 17 minute “Guided Relaxation and Healing Meditation.” You can listen to it free at

Life Sharings

There are real life sharings in each chapter about how that quality has enriched different people’s lives in very tangible ways. These will warm your heart. What special memories come to your mind from your life experiences regarding some of these qualities? I encourage you to tell them to your loved ones, and gently ask them to tell you some of their life stories regarding the quality on which you are focusing. This can create memorable moments of sharing. Distilling the wisdom from your life is one of the sacred purposes of your soul being in a physical body.

Questions For Reflection And Discussion

There are questions at the end of each chapter to inspire and stimulate your thinking, feeling and also to encourage your sharing with friends and family. Let your heart pour out and express itself. Don’t hold back. I encourage you to do journal writing, drawing, or express your feelings in other creative ways such as dancing. For journal writing, you may wish to choose a notebook especially for that purpose and always keep it in the same place so you’ll be able to find it easily. The methods described in this paragraph can help bring your thoughts, insights, and intuitions more clearly into focus in your mind and heart–and into your active life experiences.

Action Suggestions To Support You Into Your Next Step

There are action suggestions for supporting you as you take the next step of beginning to put into motion in your life some of what you may hold dear in your heart and soul. You may have been yearning for quite a while for certain possibilities that would be helpful in your life. There are perhaps intriguing ideas toward which you may have felt a longing now and then. Choose one small step, and one step can organically lead to another life-affirming step. It’s your life! Step into it, adjust it, and transform it as you feel drawn from within your heart and soul.

Inspirational Designs

Within each chapter, there are two inspirational art works that I created to help inspire you. Sometimes images can speak to your soul even more powerfully than words. Colors and shapes and images are a universal language all of their own. As an artist, I have immersed myself deeply in the study of the psychological, healing, and Spiritual effect of colors, geometric shapes, and archetypal images. The brilliant twentieth century psychologist Carl Jung was a great mentor to me in those respects. In ancient Egypt the application of the tremendous power of geometric shapes was carried to an extremely high art, as in the design of the pyramids. Buddhist monks have traditionally created beautiful designs within a circle. These are called mandalas and are intended to be gazed at during meditation. Mandalas are very centering and calming for the consciousness. Many of the designs in this book are mandalas and can be used as a focus for meditation or contemplation. As you listen to or sing the song for each quality, you may wish to gaze at the accompanying design. Full color versions of one design for each chapter are available to enjoy looking at, free of charge, on the website along with the audios. This will provide you a much fuller experience of these designs than the black and white versions available in some forms of this book.

Inspired Text

The text section of each chapter was inspired during prayers and deep meditations in oneness with the Divine. I have a great deal of education, experience, and awareness in the areas addressed in this book. In addition to that, a significant part of these chapters came from areas of intuitive knowing that exist beyond knowledge.

We are living in an amazing time when life on earth is changing at an incredibly rapid pace. I feel that there is less of a veil between the physical world and the Spiritual realms than previously. This is a wonderful gift to humanity. Divine Spirit has always been radiating blessings to help uplift and illumine every human on planet Earth, and I feel that this is increased even more so now. Each quality described in this book has its own unique important contributions for us. In the following chapters, I will go much further in exploring how we can work with, embrace, and embody these beautiful qualities. Each is a Divine gift.

Printable Charts and Tables

Many of the charts and tables from this book can be printed, free of charge, from the website accompanying this book: This is for your convenience when studying and using those charts. I sincerely hope that you will use the charts and practice the natural healing techniques often to enhance your well-being and that of your loved ones.

Special Note Concerning Your Aura and the Power Of Your Mind, Body, Spirit Connection.

Before venturing further into the fascinating exploration of how these magnificent qualities can enhance one’s life, I want to share a few important understandings. All people, animals, plants, minerals, and the earth itself have an energy field/aura within and around them. The human aura has a number of levels or aspects including: etheric (which is the energy equivalent of the physical body), astral/emotional, mental, and the progressively more Spiritual levels of the consciousness. Each of these different levels of one’s energy field/aura fills one’s physical body and extends beyond the body. There are chakras that are special energy centers within the aura. There are seven major chakras which are located along the spine, and there are many additional chakras. If used regularly, the meditations accompanying this book and the natural healing techniques presented here can help clear and illumine one’s aura and chakras and enhance one’s energy and life.

As humans, our amazing aura/energy field performs a powerful role in our life. It has a strong direct reciprocal connection with the well-being of all aspects of our body and consciousness. This relationship is like a circle. Within this reciprocal circle, our body, emotions, mind, and Spirit have a powerful effect on our aura. Likewise, our aura/energy field has a powerful effect on our mind, emotions, Spirituality, physical health, and total life. This is the well-known Mind-Body-Spirit Connection.

In a sense, our aura energy field functions as a filter as to how we experience our world. Our thoughts and emotions are recorded in our aura somewhat like music is recorded by an electronic recording device. Positive uplifted thoughts and emotions and inspiring Spiritual experiences help keep our aura clear and open to our highest good and effective joyful living. Angry or depressed or worried feelings and thoughts can build up static and blockages in our aura which can make it harder for us to relate well with the people and world around us. An aura with static and blockages is like dark clouds hiding the sunlight on a cloudy day. The sun is there shining above the dark clouds, but it is difficult for a person to be aware of it in that situation. Hence it is important to keep our aura clear.

Some things that can deplete our aura are stress, downbeat emotions and thoughts, not maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and illness. Some ways to enhance our aura include relaxing and exercising in the sunlight, thinking loving positive thoughts, enjoying nourishing food and drink, warm supportive relationships, getting sufficient sleep, meditation and prayer. Let’s make conscious choices to support our Mind-Body-Spirit Connection. We shall explore this further in the chapters ahead.

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Secrets of Wisdom: Awaken To The Miracle Of You

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Secrets of Wisdom: Awaken To The Miracle Of You