Welcome to Joyce’s Holistic Multi-Media Website to Support Your Soul Journey.

Welcome to Joyce’s Holistic Multi-Media Website
to Support Your Soul Journey.

Welcome! This website is a Holistic Multi-Media Treasure Chest to support you as you move into the next step of your dreams and visions – – and follow your heart-felt Soul Purpose.  Are you ready to jump start your dreams? Destiny is calling you!  You are here on Earth to create something wonderful.  You have special qualities that are needed to help lift the world around you.  Welcome to the Sacred Quest!

In this website you will find:

  1. Three free chapters of Joyce’s book “Secrets Of Wisdom, Awaken to the Miracle of You.”  Each chapters guides you to enhance within your being a magnificent quality that will help shower Divine Blessings within your life. There are 18 of these special qualities explored.
  2. There is an inspirational Soul Song audio and a luminous Color Design to accompany each of the 18 chapters of the book, “Secrets of Wisdom.”
  3. Audios of uplifting Meditation Audios
  4. Blog of inspirational and informative articles to help you enhance your natural well-being physically, emotionally, mentally, and Spiritually. It’s updated periodically.
  5. Description of Individual Sessions possible with Joyce via telephone or in person:
    • Emotional Therapy and Support, Intuitive Counseling
    • Nutritional Counseling
    • Intuitive Energy Healing, Reiki Energy Healing
    • Chakra Energy Centers Healing and Balancing
    • Life Coaching, Support for Life Purpose
    • Acupressure and Reflexology
    • Stress Reduction
  6. Natural Living Journal. There is a new journal every two months.
  7. Events
  8. Articles Archives
  9. Joyce’s Background and Experience.