Secrets of Wisdom: Awaken to the Miracle of You

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 Love Nourishes and Heals

Love  is many things to many people. Love is colored by the person expressing  it, and by the person receiving it. There is pure love, there is  totally selfish love, and there is every gradation in between. The kind  of love that is truly a blessing to receive is Divine Love. Divine Love  pours from the higher levels of consciousness and from a pure heart.  Anger doesn’t thrive in this sphere, nor does jealousy or selfishness.. .  .  Click the link above to read the full chapter.

Healing Your Heart With Forgiveness

Forgiveness  is love in action. Forgiveness is the path to your own peace and  well-being. Forgiveness has been greatly misunderstood throughout much  of history. In this chapter, we take a look at forgiveness from many  perspectives. We will look at how it can help transform your life and  how it can help you embody your radiant visions.   Click the link above  to read the full chapter. 

Choose Peace, Glorious Peace

Peace  is a rare feeling these days for many people. Deep inner peace is one’s  true nature. A lot of folks yearn to once again embrace their true  natural peace. In this chapter, we explore inner personal peace as well  as peace between individuals and groups. Click the link above to read  the full chapter.

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