Upcoming Events with Joyce Gerrish

Body, Mind, Spirit Meditation (Monthly)

2nd Saturday each Month

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Location: Rainbow Blossom Natural Foods  Store at Gardner Lane Shopping Center, 3046 Bardstown Road, Louisville,  KY 40205

This is located at the intersection of Bardstown Road and the  Watterson Expressway.  

Led  by Joyce Gerrish.  

Join us monthly for meditation to enhance inner  peace, physical relaxation, aura clearing & balancing, filling with  inspiration and light, and strengthening your connection to the Divine  and the higher levels of your consciousness.  Energy clearing can help  you feel lighter & freer, empower you on your life path, and help  you access wisdom and clarity for your decisions. 

This event includes  movement, healing meditation, self-healing techniques, receiving energy  healing, time for silent unguided meditation, live soothing music, and  sharing discussion. (Suggested Donation $5) No elevator available.  No  registration needed.  Drop in and join us. Click here to learn more

Body, Mind, Spirit Meditation

Body, Mind, Spirit Meditation


9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Receive as much or as little guidance as you desire. Date is scheduled to your convenience. Retreat includes Guided Meditation to lift your consciousness, including Aura Healing and Clearing, Individual Session with Joyce according to your needs.  Time to be quiet and go deep within to get more in touch with your Higher Self and the Divine. Peaceful silent walk outside if desire. Other options include: journal writing, inspiration readings, create a mandala design to express your feelings and vision, singing spiritual chants with Joyce, and more. Sliding scale fee. Contact for more information.


Free Mini Sessions


20 Minute Free Introductory Sessions at Rainbow Blossom located at 3738 Lexington Road near Shellbyville Rd. between 10:00 and 12:00.  Second Wednesday each month. This is as Wellness Ambassador for Rainbow Blossom in the area of store with the tables and chairs.

Upcoming Dates are: Jan. 9, Feb. 13, March 13, April 10.  This is on a drop-in basis.

Advanced Healing Training, with Joyce Gerrish

New group series can start whenever two or more people register. One  group is active now. This training is planned as a once a month  commitment for at least several sessions so momentum can be achieved as a  small group with shared skills and purpose.  Classes include instruction in:

  • Deep Chakra Healing of Emotional Wounds
  • Healing for the Higher Levels of the Aura
  • Helping Client Access Higher Spiritual Levels of their Consciousness
  • Reflexology: Beginning to Advanced
  • Counseling Skills for Healers
  • Training as a Reiki Master
  • Nutritional Support for Natural Healing
  • Spiritual and Intuitional Energy Healing


Natural Healing Group at Unity of Louisville


Experienced and beginning healers are welcome.  Come practice and  share and receive energy healing.  Instruction is provided for people  new to Natural Healing. Unity of Louisville is located at the corner of  College street and Brook Street, in Old Louisville. Enter from the  College Street side.  Once you enter the church, go into large room to  your right where people are having refreshments after church.  See  Welcome Desk and inquire there as to location of meeting room for  Natural Healing Group.  (Unity is a church that welcomes people of all  faiths.) Donation. 

Upcoming dates:   Jan. 27, Feb. 24, March 31 (it's the 5th Sunday this month), April 28.

Reiki Energy Healing Training. Levels I, II, III, and IV

Individual or Group Classes with Joyce.  Sliding Scale Fee Possible.  E-mail Joyce for more information. Sliding scale to fit your budget. Contact Joyce Gerrish here to schedule


Inspirational Service at Sanctuary of Eternal Truth


11:00 a.m. to noon Sun., March 17. Led by Joyce Gerrish and Ann Hemdahl-Owen Corner 10th and Market Streets (l002 E. Market St.), New Albany, Indiana 47150.  (5 minutes from Sherman-Minton Bridge)  Love Offering.

Directions from Louisville: take  64 west to Sherman Minton Bridge. Take 1st exit after bridge. At end of  ramp take 1st right on Scribner & go straight until you reach Market  Street. Turn left on Market & drive until you reach 10th Street – –  and you are there. For information, please click here to contact Joyce 

Natural Living Journal

Joyce Publishes and Edits  Natural Living Journal every three months.  It  is available to read here on this website.  See navigator button that  says "Journal.”  It is also available free in printed  form in magazine racks in Louisville at Whole Foods, and Rainbow Blossom  Stores on Bardstown Road & Lexington Rd, and at Rainbow Blossom in  Middletown and at Springhurst. Unity of Louisville, and elsewhere.  It  is also available to read on the website www.naturallivingjournal.com 


Individual Session Offerings By Joyce

  • Reiki Energy healing and intuitive energy healing 
  • Energy Healing and Intuitive Energy Healing
  • Advanced Reflexology 
  • Acupressure Reflexology
  • Acupressure Meridian Activation
  • Emotional Counseling & Healing 
  • Higher Meditation & Accessing
  • Higher Levels of Consciousness
  • Accessing & Moving Into Next Step of Life Purpose
  • Couples Counseling 

Support For Moving Into The Next Step Of Your Life Purpose

Third Sunday  each month , 1:00 - 2:00 at Sanctuary of Eternal Truth in New Albany, Indiana (5 minutes from Sherman Minton Bridge). Donation  basis.

We are living in a time of great change.  Life may seem stressful.   Life is no longer quite the same. Yet at the same time there are  powerful spiritual energies flowing in bringing greater opportunities  for positive transformation.  Sometimes we may feel partially blocked by  our own doubts and fears.  These are sometimes called our shadow self.  We can heal those by recognizing them, letting go of what binds from the  past, permitting forgiveness and allowing greater light and love to  flow in. We can gradually move into the next step of our soul purpose,  enlightenment, empowerment, and greater awakening.  

All together we can  help create solutions for our communities and the planet.  This monthly  event will include: (1) Higher meditation, (2) Aura Healing &  Balancing and Clearing Energy Blocks. (3) Emotional support. (4) Support  for Physical Health. Contact Joyce for more information. 

Upcoming dates:  Jan. 20, Feb. 17, March 17