Angel Heralds Forth Truth

Angel Heralds Forth Truth



What people say about Joyce, her work and her first book: The Secrets of Wisdom – Awaken to the Miracle of you.






Joyce Gerrish is a true pioneer, having started her important work almost forty years ago. I highly recommend Secrets of Wisdom. The wisdom she shares can enrich your life physically, emotionally, mentally, and Spiritually.”
~ Dr. Georgianna Donadio
Founder of National Institute of Whole Health
Author of Best Selling Book, Changing Behavior

“From reading Secrets of Wisdom I have gained insight about issues from my past, and I have learned information and gained inspiration that will guide me Spiritually while traveling my life path. Thank you.”
~ Billie Jo Free

“I’ve been enjoying listening to your soul songs. It is wonderful to hear your voice’s beautiful resonances and the uplifting healing energy that shines through!”
~ Henry Lepler, Musician and Healing Sound Guide

“Joyce is very wise, and she is a wonderful artist, musician, and healer. She has helped me tremendously with her healing gifts. Secrets of Wisdom is an excellent resource for people in search of inner peace and Spiritual growth. Joyce has been a gift in my life and I’m so thankful.”
~ J.C.

“I felt much “lighter” after our session. You’re an Angel! You have helped me immensely over the past twenty plus years of my life. Time flies!”
~ Linda J.Berry

“Your soul songs really speak to my heart. They are so beautiful.”
Mary Ann Ballard.

“The first three letters of Joyce’s name are 'joy.’ How appropriate for a messenger of Divine Qualities. And make no mistake--and be aware as you read her words--that Joyce is a Great messenger! She is a messenger in every sense of the meaning of the word messenger.”
William Evans, M.D.

“I feel that Secrets of Wisdom is a substantial contribution to Spiritual literature. I was intrigued by the idea of each chapter being devoted to enhancing within oneself one of the transformative Divine Qualities such as Forgiveness or Empowerment. Spending some quality time with each chapter is already benefiting me. I also appreciate Joyce’s kind, supportive, insightful writing style. It speaks to the heart as well as to one’s whole mind/body/Spirit Self. The book is very clear and easy to read--there is no abstruseness about it. I highly recommend it.”
Dr. Lynda Wells CNS,LND

“Joyce writes wonderful spiritual messages. She is a spiritual teacher whose writings guide the seeker to attain knowledge and wisdom that can lead to a more fulfilling and harmonious life.”
Dee Patterson
Publisher and Editor in Chief of Odyssey: Body, Mind, Spirit