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raise vibrationThe world is changing rapidly before your very eyes. Nothing is the same as it was even six months ago. Keep your eyes and intuition open, and you will be aware of magnificent change going on in the hearts and Souls of people everywhere. Changing familiar habits is not easy. Change can be scary, even good change. Some people are kicking and screaming their way into the higher vibration of planetary healing. The old skin of fear and limited thinking is loosening and letting go to reveal the glowing Soul within. People’s Souls are finally being free to express within their human counterpart of flesh and blood.

What a wondrous opportunity for each person, and for the planet Earth. It is ours for the asking – – simply open our hearts and minds to accept the gift. It is our free will to accept or reject the magnificent gift being offered to us by the spiritual realms. We can let go of suffering physically and emotionally. It’s a choice. Ask your Higher Self and the Holy Spirit to open your heart to accept all the good that is available to you at this unprecedented time.

As we open to growing spiritually, the vibratory rate of our aura increases. This includes the various levels of our aura: etheric (energy double of our physical body), astral/emotional, mental, and the higher Spiritual levels. As the vibratory rate of our aura accelerates, the vibratory rate of our physical body needs to do the same. Some spiritual people are so focused on growing spiritually, that it is easy for them to lose sight of the fact that they are a physical person as well as a spiritual person. The whole must grow together, or it can put severe stress on the physical body vehicle. In fact, sometimes a spiritual expansion must wait until a human’s physical body can handle the increased press of higher energies coursing through the person’s energy pathways.

How do we raise the vibrations of our physical body

How do we raise the vibrations of our physical body, since this is so very important? Meditation is the king of all spiritual disciplines. But it needs to be the kind of meditation that truly raises not only your consciousness into the Light, but also your physical body. You don’t want to leave your physical body behind. It is an integral part of you. It is not a hindrance to your spiritual growth and approach to God, it is the temple of your Divine Spirit. Shall we allow the Holy Light to illumine our body temple? Let us raise our whole being into the Light. The following is one meditation which you might find helpful in this respect.

Meditation to Raise Your Physical Vibration

Sit in a relaxed manner in a chair that supports your back straight upright and your feet flat on the floor. Throughout the meditation, allow your breath to flow in and out in a relaxed manner. As you breathe in, visualize that you are breathing in light. Say prayers to attune yourself to Holy Spirit/Higher Power as you perceive it. Hold your hands together at your navel for two minutes as you pray. This helps to balance the energies in your body. Visualize that you are sending roots from the base of your feet to the center of the earth to help ground yourself so you don’t feel too spaced out.

There are special energy centers in a person’s aura, these are often referred to as chakras.
The root center is at the base of the spine, the sacral center is in the abdomen, the solar plexus center is at the base of the rib cage, the heart center is in the center of the chest, the throat center is in the throat, the third eye center is between the eyebrows, and the crown center is at the top of the head. Starting at the root center and working up toward to crown, focus your attention in one center at a time. As you are breathing into your nose, imagine that you are breathing light into the center. With practice, you may sense the center seem to expand and lighten. Take perhaps a minute or two for each center. Once you reach the crown center, visualize a star about two inches above your head. Then visualize a second star about twelve to eighteen inches above your head. These are star centers in your aura. As you focus in your second star center, call on your Higher Power to flow in Divine Light to flood your physical body and aura with light.

Visualize Divine Light cascading in through your star center immersing your whole being in glowing illumination. Allow your whole body to light up with all your cells glowing. Mentally imagine that you are “speaking” to your cells to allow in the light. If you like, hold both your arms up into the air for a little while to help augment the inflow of light like lightening rods. Sense or visualize all parts of your body fill to overflowing with the ever abundant Divine Light flowing in through your star centers. Keep silently calling to your Higher Power/Holy Spirit to flow in the Divine Light to bless and heal your physical body, and to dissolve any disqualified or stuck energy into the light. Trauma and stress can cause a part of a person’s aura to take on a static quality and not flow freely. This can diminish Divine Light being able to adequately flow through and nourish that area of the body.

Ten to fifteen minutes may be good for the part of the meditation described so far. Sense how nice it feels to be filled with Divine Light. Mentally, thank your physical body for serving you as the temple for your Higher Self. Mentally “ask” your cells to raise their vibration to a level perfect for your highest good at this time. Follow this with allowing your consciousness to expand out like a balloon of light. Breathe in light and sense/imagine that your aura (ball of light within and around your body) expands out. Do this several times until you sense your awareness expanded out and filled with light. Enjoy this awareness of expansion for awhile as you continue breathing in light. Then say a closing prayer giving thanks and asking for divine blessings today and each day. For grounding, reconnect to the physical earth by mentally sending down roots deep into the earth.

Doing this practice at least a few times a week will gently and safely raise the vibration of your physical body and consciousness, and may well improve your health at the same time. If you ever sense something that feels like heavy or dense pressure in some part of your physical body while you are doing this meditation, try breathing in light into it for a while. When you breathe into your nose, imagine you are drawing in light into the part of your body to which you wish to bring healing energy. Silently pray to Holy Spirit to transmute this heavy energy into Divine Light and send it to the light. This process may feel a little unusual at first, but you’ll get used to it if you practice. If this energy work does not resolve the pressure, then it may be something totally different and you may wish to consult your health practitioner. This practice will help raise the vibration of your physical body to stay in harmony with your growing spirit. May you experience peace, Divine Love, and light as you move forward on your spiritual path.

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