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Secrets of Wisdom – Awaken to the Miracle of You

Transformative book by Joyce C. Gerrish, M.A.

Welcome to Seventeen Spiritually Awakening Divine Qualities that can change your life and help bring you to the next step of your Soul Mission and Life Path.

Preview of 5th chapter:

True Clarity Supports Brilliance

Inspired ideas and solutions can be accessed in quiet moments of meditation or contemplation. This is the source of genius. Those inspired ideas can cut right through perplexing problems and create a pathway of practical and innovative solutions for clear sailing ahead. Those inspirations exist on a higher more subtle level of consciousness than one’s daily mindset. As we raise our consciousness in higher meditation above the levels of stress and distractions and worry – – we can re-experience the wondrous clarity of our true connection to the Divine.

True clarity is like a brightly shining diamond. A person with this really clear focus can accomplish more in a shorter time with less stress. This art of clear focus can truly support success in our life endeavors.

Explore how this awesome chapter on Clarity in the book “Secrets of Wisdom” can enhance and open your life to new possibilities. Are you ready to jump start your dreams? Destiny is calling you! You’re a magnificent being with the spark of the Divine within your heart and soul. You are here on Earth to create something wonderful. You have special qualities that are needed.

The purpose of this book is to help you, step by step, actualize ever more fully the amazing person you really are. Each of seventeen chapters focuses on a different profoundly beneficial quality which you can learn to enhance in your life: Power, Love, Peace, Purpose, Healing, Joy, Forgiveness, Spirituality, and much more. Each chapter is like a multi-media life expanding workshop with inspired insights and guidance, uplifting art, and heartwarming personal sharings from fellow seekers. There are practical action suggestions to support you, and free access to audio meditations and soul songs by Joyce through the accompanying website

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Workshops and Services

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Joyce Gerrish is a true pioneer, having started her important work almost 40 years ago. I highly recommend Secrets of Wisdom. The wisdom she shares can enrich your life physically, emotionally, mentally, and Spiritually. Dr. Georgianna Donadio, Founder of National Institute of Whole Health, Author of Best Selling Book, Changing Behavior.

Joyce is a highly accomplished author, teacher, healer, artist, musician, and intuitive. She has a Master’s Degree in Human Development and is a graduate of the National Institute of Whole Health. For decades she’s been deeply involved in guiding individuals and groups in this heart centered transformative wondrous journey of personal and Spiritual growth. Welcome to the sacred quest! Life’s a marvelous adventure!