Joyce C. Gerrish, M.A.

Today is a period of intense challenge and change. It is exhilarating and at the same time it can sometimes feel overwhelming. The opportunity for growth is immense. The penalty for stagnation is to miss out on unprecedented blessings of opportunity for discovering the wondrous being who you truly are. We are coming “home” to our radiant essence peeled clean of our multi layers of “not-self”.

Traditionally survival has depended on people projecting a certain image accepted by society for a “so-called” respectable person. Too much deviation from the accepted norm has been frowned upon. This has led to a lot of people shutting down their visions and true sensibilities. This is sad indeed. There is no best way to be, as long as one is not hurting someone else or oneself. We each have a gift within our being that only we ourselves can share with the world. This is no platitude, it is reality. Take time to get to know your inner essence. Choose some form of creative expression. Pour out your heart through it, such as writing your feelings, or free form dancing your passion.

What do you love to do? What allows you to feel vitally alive? Is it exploring woods and national parks? Is it creating art expressions of your feelings and dreams, or singing from your heart? Do you like to do this alone communing with your inner essence and the Creator, or do you like to do it in a group of kindred souls? It’s all good, it can all work to help you open to your true inner dimensions. Explore your inner landscape, discover the wonders of your uniqueness. God created you one of a kind. That is awesome, isn’t it? What an opportunity!

When we create and express in this way, we don’t have to please anybody but ourself. There is nothing of which to be afraid, we don’t even need to share any results of our explorations unless we want to. But it can be a lot of fun to share this creative journey, if that feels comfortable. It is up to you. The important thing is to give yourself that permission to truly be yourself and to discover your God given gifts that only you can give in your own special way. It may be the ability to compassionately sense what another person is feeling, and to be able to share just the right encouraging words to help lift another soul to take the next step onward toward his or her highest good when the burden may sometimes feel almost too heavy to go on.

Some people can share the gift of laughter. They seem to be able to find the wholesome humor in unexpected situations that might otherwise feel like heavy unrelieved duty. Humor can heal if it is everyone laughing together just for the fun of it, rather than some laughing at others to put them down. Being able to inspire this wholesome laughter is a precious gift to share. What is your special gift to nourish you and to perhaps share with those around you to help uplift your part of the world?

Sometimes we may get the idea that something isn’t worth doing unless it is done in a fully professional “perfect” manner. Who decided that? What we create is fully worthy! It expresses something within ourself that deserves respect for its authenticity. It has truly come sincerely from within our inner essence. It is like a dream in that respect, that in some way is a symbol of our inner being reaching for its wholeness.

Here is a technique that may be helpful to clarify what may be some of your possible gifts to explore. Take a piece of paper and write at the top, “What I love to do.” Then just start writing a list of whatever comes to your heart and mind that you love to do. Don’t censure yourself. Just allow it to flow. Fill the page if you like, fill two pages if you wish. Maybe there are just a few things that really seem important at this moment to list. That’s fine. Now relax and read over your list. Sense which ones seem to stand out to you and that fill you with deep feelings of eagerness to pursue more fully. Indicate those special ones with a star. Choose one of your special “loves”, and visualize yourself doing it. Visualize it in full detail with as much realism and emotion as possible. How does that feel? Are you filled with energy, enthusiasm, hope, and joy? Write down your sensed response. Then try out in the same way your other special “loves”.

Answer these questions for each of your special interests:

      l. How would this fit within my current life schedule? How can I create some time to pursue this? Do I have a regular activity I’m ready to cut back somewhat, that doesn’t seem to nourish me now as much as it used to?


      2. How will this affect the other people in my life? Would it fit in easily or would I perhaps need to do some negotiating to carve out this time?


      3. Would pursuing this passion cost money? Would this amount of money be hard on my budget? If so, can I modify the plan somewhat to start exploring some part of it until I get some experience and more knowledge as to how much I choose to realistically invest in it.


      4. What are some of the ways this would enhance my life? Would I feel happier, healthier, or more mentally alive? This is all important!


    5. What is stopping me, if anything? Is there any fear of exposure? Remember, pursuing this loved activity doesn’t need to mean public recognition unless you really wish it to. This is to nourish you, and perhaps those close to you. There is nothing to fear.

Now is the big moment to choose one of the things you love to do, and let it be your special focus for a few weeks or months or as long as you wish. Give yourself permission to let it nourish you, and enhance your life. Feel free to pursue another choice later or concurrently if you wish. It’s your life, live it with passion! Allow yourself to explore and express your inner being and truth! Be your own unique self!

Joyce Gerrish, M.A. has twenty five years experience as an Intuitive Counselor/Therapist for Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical Well-being. Master’s Degree in Human Development, Reiki Master, Certified Meditation Teacher, Polarity and Theta Energy Therapies. Joyce offers classes in Meditation, Reiki, and Natural Healing Skills at various centers around Louisville. Individual sessions in person or by phone. Contact Joyce by phone or via email to set up an appointment.


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Joyce Gerrish, M.A., 35 years experience as heart centered Emotional Counselor/Life Coach, Intuitive Reader, Reiki Energy Therapist, Chakra Healing, Nutritional Counselor, Stress Reduction Guide, Acupressure, Reflexology, and more.  Master’s Degree in Human Development, Graduate of National Institute of Whole Health. Joyce’s book Secrets Of Wisdom: Awaken To The Miracle of You is available on-line through Amazon or Barnes & Nobel. On website www.JoyceGerrish.com listen free to 18 audio soul songs, read free chapters and other articles, extensive art, guided meditation audios, and much more.  Telephone sessions available for most services described above.  Sliding scale reasonable fee. Contact Joyce to set up an appointment. Email: joyce.secrets.of.wisdom@gmail.com   Phone: 812-566-1799 Web: JoyceGerrish.com

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