We walk our days on Earth in the light of the sun.
It is for only a certain number of years
      – – however many that may be.
Opportunities come and go
     – – some we grasp and some may slide by unnoticed.
We seek to raise our stature and our standing as best we can.
There seems to be so much to do: how can we succeed?
May we know that we have already succeeded simply by being born.
We are already magnificent!

     – – we just need to remember that.
We are created by God.
Life is not about trying to impress others.
Life is about truly being who we are in the most profound sense.
Life is not about measuring up to someone else’s expectations,
     – – Though that is part of successfully completing a job when hired.
Life is about expressing our inner magnificence in creative helpful ways.
No one else can fulfill our unique destiny.
It is crucial that we always believe in our self!
      We are Divinely created.
Since we walk this blessed Earth for only a certain length of time:
May we make each day count,
     and make each day an adventure in living.
Let’s greet each day with anticipation and joy
     – – and expect wonderful things to happen!
May we recognize the miracles unfolding all around us
     – – And smile at the precious souls who pass our way.
Let us breathe in the ambrosia of air and be thankful for life.
May we drink the waters of renewal,
     – – And know that we are here to help create Heaven on Earth.

Joyce Gerrish, M.A., Reader of AKASHIC RECORDS for 25 years. Learn past lives relevant to current Soul Mission, and strengths and special capacities now related to next step of your Life Path. $50/ hour. Soul Level Deep Healing for emotional issues; Heal & Balance Chakras & Aura. Master’s Degree in Human Development, Graduate of National Institute of Whole Health, Reiki Master. Author of Secrets Of Wisdom, www. SecretsOfWisdom.net 502/572-4871.


About Joyce

Joyce Gerrish, M.A., 35 years experience as heart centered Emotional Counselor/Life Coach, Intuitive Reader, Reiki Energy Therapist, Chakra Healing, Nutritional Counselor, Stress Reduction Guide, Acupressure, Reflexology, and more.  Master’s Degree in Human Development, Graduate of National Institute of Whole Health. Joyce’s book Secrets Of Wisdom: Awaken To The Miracle of You is available on-line through Amazon or Barnes & Nobel. On website www.JoyceGerrish.com listen free to 18 audio soul songs, read free chapters and other articles, extensive art, guided meditation audios, and much more.  Telephone sessions available for most services described above.  Sliding scale reasonable fee. Contact Joyce to set up an appointment. Email: joyce.secrets.of.wisdom@gmail.com   Phone: 812-566-1799 Web: JoyceGerrish.com

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