Confidence to Follow Your Dream

by Joyce C. Gerrish, M.A.

Confidence can be one of your greatest assets. Your being is a magnificent hologram. You are an amazing creation as wondrous in your own way as the most beautiful shining star in the Heavens. The crucial thing is to let your inner beauty shine forth undistorted by lack of confidence.  Confidence is an interesting word:  the meaning is far reaching in its importance.  A person can be a genius, but if he or she keeps it hidden under wraps – – that genius may go unnoticed and neglected.  What an unfortunate waste that can be.  In the Bible it says, “Don’t hide your talents under a bushel.”  The Divine wants you to use the magnificent intelligence or skills or talent that you’ve been lovingly given. They are your treasures beyond compare.

Have you ever felt joyful exuberance when taking a photograph of a beautiful scene in nature?  You had perhaps waited until the sunlight was just right to show the true beauty and power of the scene.  Then just when you clicked the camera to snap the photo, the sun went behind a cloud.  The overshadowed scene perhaps lost some of it awesome power to inspire.  A neutral grey tone settled in and the true potential in the moment was lost.  Such is it as we create our life day by day. We hold the vision of how we choose to manifest our life. We hold that vision whether we are aware of it or not.  It is our choice, even if we forfeit the opportunity and fear or dread or doubt our life path and where it is leading. Either way that vision is in our heart. Our subconscious fully intends to manifest that for us as best it can. The subconscious is powerful beyond most people’s wildest imagination.  Our consciousness is also powerful beyond most people’s wildest imagination.  While I’m making these assertions, I’ll say that our superconscious or spiritual levels of our consciousness are even more powerful beyond our wildest imagination. If those concepts surprise you at all, take a moment to consider them.  The human consciousness is awesome if we just realize it and utilize it creatively and confidently.

Now, are you ready to step into your awesome consciousness more fully?  It’s your life, live it to the fullest possible.  I’m going to tell you a few techniques that have helped me along the way. Select a goal you feel deep in your heart that you would like to manifest in your life in the year or two ahead. When you are in a state of clear meditation, affirm that goal and visualize yourself living that goal as though it is happening now.  Create an image of that goal by either drawing it or by cutting and pasting pictures from magazines.  Tape that image somewhere in your home.  Periodically affirm and visualize that goal while you are meditating. To help keep your mind clear for your goal work and to stay in touch with your higher consciousness and the Divine, it’s extremely valuable to meditate at least ten minutes or more each day. You can listen free to guided meditations on my website Alternatively, do something like yoga in a quiet meditative way.

Work toward your goal steadily without straining yourself. To help keep your spirits up along the way, every morning visualize the upcoming day going very well.  Bring to mind something that you look forward to that day (no matter how little).

We all benefit by believing in ourselves and what we love to do.  It may not make life easy to pursue our dreams, but it can truly keep us growing in fascinating fruitful ways. Over time our means of livelihood and our dream can possibly connect in some way, if that’s desired.  The edges may blend – – if they weren’t already.

Not having positive goals in life is like setting out in a boat without a steering wheel (or other steering capabilities).  Setting clear goals helps all levels of your consciousness work together to support you in creating the life you choose and for which you yearn.  In setting goals, it’s crucial to choose wholesome goals that are fairly realistic for you – – and that will truly bring you toward your highest good.  Leave glitter behind, right? Believe me; in my twenties I had a few dead-end run-ins with glitter. Aim for something that will benefit the world around you in some tangible way, and that will help create a steady heartfelt rewarding life for yourself.  It’s not egocentric to be clear on what you want. It is efficient and powerful.

Know that you don’t need to be a victim of circumstance allowing the winds of fate to blow you around.  Set your goal and aim the ship of your life directly there.  Visualize it, believe in it, know that you deserve it, and don’t allow others to talk you out of it. Don’t feel that you need to arrive at your goal right away.  It may take time.  Know that life is a process and just keep on steadily working toward your goal. Enjoy the journey! Do the ground work to make your goal possible, perhaps take course work and training to qualify you for your dream.  Don’t sell yourself short because something else may seem easier in the short run. Perhaps use that possibility as a piece of your journey, but don’t let it divert you off the path you feel deeply in your heart and soul.  Spend time with people involved in the field of endeavor that you love.  Perhaps volunteer some time to get experience. Believing in yourself and setting heart felt goals are important aspects of true confidence; they can help you manifest your dreams.

One day you may find yourself in the right place at the right time and well prepared to step into the opportunity you crave.  Maybe it’s O.K. if it’s part-time or volunteer.  There is a good chance that those heart felt dreams are at least part of what you’re here on Earth to do.  You’re needed to help create a better world for us all.





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