Secrets of Wisdom Book Cover


Prologue: Secrets of Wisdom

Joyce C. Gerrish, M.A.


Have you ever asked yourself “Who am I – – really?” or “What is the true purpose of my being here on Earth?” Join me for this fascinating multi-media adventure of self discovery! Explore the secrets of wisdom. Open to the miracle of who you truly are.


Each of seventeen chapters is devoted to a different wonderful quality which you can learn to enhance within yourself to enrich your life and help you manifest your dreams. Some of these life enhancing healing transformative qualities are: purpose (soul mission), wisdom, Divine love, natural healing, grace, forgiveness, peace, power for good, freedom to be who you truly are, clarity, joy, Spiritual illumination, abundance through living lightly on the land, and more.

Please take time to delve into all the aspects of the book in order to receive the full experience. Listen to or sing along with the audios of my Soul Songs: there is one for each chapter. Be uplifted with the guided meditations. Those audios can be listened to free here on the website. Your experience may be benefited with earphones or good speakers for optimum sound.

Enjoy two of my designs found with each chapter. If the version of the book that you are reading is black and white – – seeing some of the designs in full glowing color here on the website will enhance your experience. People often say that the full color experience is luminous and lovely.

Read and be inspired by the wisdom and invaluable insights found in the chapters. Be moved by the heartwarming sharings from many people as they have walked their path of opening ever more fully to the miracle of their being. Delve deeply into the “Questions for Reflection and Discussion.” Let those questions inspire meaningful sharings between you and some of the significant people in your life. That can perhaps bring you closer together in new ways. Try some of the action suggestions as they encourage you into valuable fascinating experiences of opening to new life possibilities. Allow your vision to grow. Consider joining with friends as a support group to explore this journey! In the study and application of these transformative Divine Qualities you will find priceless insights for every life question or challenge. These qualities can truly enhance your life physically, emotionally, mentally, and Spiritually. They are food for a life time of inspired study, prayer, meditation, and action.

Awaken these qualities in yourself! Awaken to miracle of you! The truth of who you truly are can shine forth more radiantly every day. Allow the Heavens and Divine Love to surround and bless you. You are the only you! You are a unique soul with special qualities to share with the world around you. You are needed. Spread your wings and fly!