Accessing True Joy

ButterflyandLiliesRejoice_2x2     True joy has a close relationship to purpose. When a person is open to grow and feels vitally awake, then life seems to have meaning. What joy! This is the joy that avid gardeners can find with their growing vibrant plants. Likewise this is the joy that a dedicated business person can feel when his or her products are serving the public well. Deep within our heart, we each have a life purpose that only we can sense. It may be the time honored sacred trust of motherhood, or it may be a little known aspect of scientific research. It doesn’t matter if one’s life purpose seems impressive in the eyes of society at large. What does matter is that it fills one’s heart with joy, and is life affirming.

     This life purpose can be a growing and evolving process. Life doesn’t necessarily reveal itself to us all at once. All we can do is take the step we sense before us. It can occasionally feel like a mystery giving us one clue at a time and no more. Search out the meaning of one fascinating piece of wisdom or skill, and the next opportunity will probably manifest itself. May we never turn off the warm pulse within our heart with its unfathomable depth. This journey may not require going any further than our usual habitat, or it may invite moving somewhat beyond. There are no rules in this adventure; it is the joy of being truly alive and awake.

     Some people shut down to the inner mystery of the heart. They may become distracted by some of the endless entertainment media which have their value but can cause dependency to the point that a person’s consciousness may be restricted. The heart may lovingly call, but the call may go unheeded because drowned out. Some people may become numb to the majesty of their inner kingdom and decide that life is boring, or that entertainment from without is all there is. We may unconsciously feel that this is necessary to stave off possible sadness or the feeling of emptiness.

     Likewise, there are people who think of joy as something that can be purchased. Buying can become a way of life to keep propping up the need for happiness. Owning something new and attractive can give a high for a while and temporarily make one feel important. Eventually the budget can be stressed when trying to buy happiness. As we all know, even people with extensive finances are sometimes the least happy individuals.

     Abuse and addiction issues can create serious blocks to one’s joy. Therapeutic help is available for those who truly wish to heal from these issues and rediscover their joy. Following one’s heart call can become a valuable part of the healing journey.

     Sometimes we can feel our bliss through spending time in nature, through creative arts or crafts, by participating in a community theater, by joining a church choir or local sports league, or through some other interesting opportunity. Sharing warm caring with loving friends and family can be a major aspect of a joyful life and of maintaining healthy self esteem. We can mutually support and encourage each other as we walk our path.

     Occasionally one may feel aching in the heart craving deeper meaning in life, but it may seem impossible to heed. It may seem that only a select few can truly follow their dream or explore their inner longings and visions. Some people may become stoic and accept what seems to be the limit of their apparent fate. How sad if we judge ourselves as less worthy than others to truly feel our inner joy.

     May each of us regularly take peaceful pauses such as meditation to stay in close touch with our inner self and the Divine. What is joy but the delight and innocence of discovering new aspects of our relationship to life? The truth is that we are each a multifaceted shining jewel. So much wondrous beauty can reflect from within the light of our Soul. Our true Being reflects this Divine Light in a special way that is uniquely our own. This is our gift to treasure and to share with others and all Creation. Following this path of discovery step by step is the source of true joy. What greater satisfaction can there be than actualizing the potentials within us that are waiting patiently to be awakened?

     What is the correlation between joy and happiness? Certainly they overlap. Happiness perhaps relates to what is transpiring in one’s life and how one feels about it. A person may feel dependent on things going O.K. to feel happy: a wonderful romantic relationship, the car running well, the house in repair, the children behaving, and the job secure. What if something unfortunate happens and this happiness seems stolen. Who stole it? Or did we give it away? Happiness is famous for seeming illusive, appearing just in time to disappear again. This is perhaps where joy comes in. True joy comes from within our heart and from our connection with the Divine Source. It can sustain us even if things appear to be falling apart around us.

     Twenty five years ago I was in a car accident and was a near invalid for a year. I began to lose many of the external things that seemed important. For a while it seemed unbearable, and then I began to relax into my very simple life. My meditations deepened and I found peace. I did serious writing for the first time and created designs that delighted me and others. Joy found a steady home in my heart in spite of apparent outer setbacks. I did gradually heal. Throughout the experience my joy came from synchronization of my Being with the pulse of life waiting to be born through my heart and Soul. It is our birthright to experience the joy of our Soul expressing itself and flowering in its own unique way in the garden of our life.

If you would like guidance in learning to more fully experience joy and happiness, perhaps a session with Joyce would be of benefit to you. Learn to connect more closely with your own wisdom, contact Joyce for a private session.


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Joyce Gerrish, M.A., 35 years experience as heart centered Emotional Counselor/Life Coach, Intuitive Reader, Reiki Energy Therapist, Chakra Healing, Nutritional Counselor, Stress Reduction Guide, Acupressure, Reflexology, and more.  Master’s Degree in Human Development, Graduate of National Institute of Whole Health. Joyce’s book Secrets Of Wisdom: Awaken To The Miracle of You is available on-line through Amazon or Barnes & Nobel. On website listen free to 18 audio soul songs, read free chapters and other articles, extensive art, guided meditation audios, and much more.  Telephone sessions available for most services described above.  Sliding scale reasonable fee. Contact Joyce to set up an appointment. Email:   Phone: 812-566-1799 Web:

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